"Fangire...return that life to God!"

Kamen Rider Ixa


Keisuke Nago


Kamen Rider Kiva



Fought Against:


Rider Ability:

Fight For Justice: IXA collects buttons as he defeats enemies; his stats are buffed when he reaches the maximum of 25 (IXA starts with 2 and consumes 2 when using his Super Special).

Super Special Move:

Final Rising Blast - IXA transforms into Rising IXA and blasts the enemy.

Double Finish Partners:


Unlock Data:

(RG2) Clear Stage 3-? (also unlocks Kiva)


Keisuke Nago is a bounty hunter with a merciless sense of justice, acting alongside the Blue Sky Organization in the present-day (2008) arc of Kamen Rider Kiva, utilizing its anti-Fangire weapons system IXA. He pursues conventional criminals as well as monsters, and has an odd habit of collecting buttons from the collars of his targets. Naturally, Nago's involvement in Blue Sky's anti-Fangire ops leads him to cross blows with Wataru Kurenai/Kiva, but such an enmity isn't anything a tumble into the river couldn't cure...except when it didn't and it took a trip into Kiva's 1986 arc and a heavily telegraphed revelation about Wataru's blood ties to do the trick.


(For Rider Generation 2 on the PSP, replace A with Circle.)

  • A: Paladin Edge
  • ← or → + A: Silver Bullet
  • ↓ + A: Broken Fang
  • A (Mid-Jump): strong kick
  • L + A (Super Special Move): Final Rising Blast


  • IXA is one of the few secondary Riders who doesn't have access all of his forms; his missing form is Save Mode, the prototype form of IXA in Kamen Rider Kiva. Since Save Mode only features in the 1986 story and is wielded exclusively by IXA's users from that period, it would generally be a limited, redundant version of Burst Mode (the 2008 story's default, and RG2's as well).

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