• Start Menu
    • Continue
    • Start new game (Deletes everything you have and start over from scratch!! )
    • Passwords
  • Rider Select Menu
    • Y = Switch rider info between moves and stats
    • A = Accept
    • B = Return
  • Stage Select Menu
    • Start  = options
      • Switch difficulty (Child/Adult Mode)
      • Return to the title
      • Close menu (return to game)
    • A = Accept
    • X = Returns to Rider Select Menu
    • L / R = Switchs between mission info and rider info
  • Match Difficult Menu
    • Easy
    • Normal
    • Hard
    • Dangerous
    • Climax
  • In Game Menu
    • Return to game
    • Rider info
    • Mission info
    • Moves info
    • Quits mission
  • When you meet a rider
    • A = Let the Rider who you met take over as the player's character.
    • Y = Let the Rider who you met take over as the partner.
    • B = No change, Rider will become unlocked after the end of the stage anyhow.


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