These Passwords unlocks 2 extra levels on each stage, and one extra rider from the upcoming show Kamen Rider Fourze.

  • Fourze
    • X2F8 - 4V75 - 563H - 7833
  • Extra levels on stage 1
    • 5724 - DU87 - 52W4 - VL64
    • 25ZP - 4X2X - 5RF5 - AK6U
  • Extra levels on stage 2
    • 37KL - T5EK - F654 - S8S5
    • W5AM - 92RD - BJ38 - CUUB
  • Extra levels on stage 3
    • 5PCF - 7GAU - V3HT - C5FR
    • 42HP - F2J6 - XY8Y - Q7AD
  • Extra levels on stage 4
    • 3B97 - 9H3X - CTBK - 4856
    • 69TR - XX79 - M4HV - 4BG7
  • Extra levels on stage 5
    • 765P - XR45 - Z482 - QCCQ
    • 97CD - 2X2G - 8YT2 - 6LDK


These passwords unlocks almost all riders in All Kamen Rider: Rider Generation 2. However, all of them can be unlocked by playing the game normally (except for Wizard). They will be either unlocked after the mission or appear to be used in the middle of the mission. Using these codes will unlock them earlier.

While Fourze and Meteor is available right from the start of the game, using the Password will unlock them at level 8, which will enabls them to use their super special moves. Wizard is a rider from the upcoming show Kamen Rider Wizard and is only unlocked through the use the password (similar to Fourze in the previous game).

The following riders cannot be unlocked using passwords; they had to be unlocked through playing the game.

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