Kamen Rider Todoroki


Tomizo Todayama


Kamen Rider Hibiki



Fought Against:


Rider Ability:

Todoroki Stage: Press R to rock out on guitar. An uninterrupted performance recovers both Riders' LIFE and gives them EXP based on Todoroki's kill count in the stage so far.

Super Special Move:

Sound Attack Slash– Fierce Thunder Tremor

Double Finish Partners:

Zanki (needs confirmed)

Unlock Info:

(RG2) Clear Stage 4-3 (also unlocks Zanki)


Originally recommended to succeed the aging Zanki, Tomizo Todayama instead chose to create his own Oni name and way when discarding his human identity to join Hibiki's tribe. Despite his age, Todoroki is impulsive in his views of the world and conduct when fighting the Makamou, but such childish traits are accepted along with his wild strength as part of the independent Oni legacy he wishes to forge.


  • A: Retsunai – Combo Slash
  • ← or → + A: Demon Fighting Technique - Lightning Punch
  • ↓ + A: Thunder Roar
  • A (Mid-Jump): Retsunai - Strong Slash
  • L + A (Super Special Move): Sound Attack Slash - Fierce Thunder Tremor
  • R (Rider Ability): Todoroki Stage

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