OK, slight but not particularly obvious confession to make: in addition to filling in pages on this wiki, I maintain (and in RG2's case, created) the pages for both games in the Rider Generation series on Giant Bomb under my more contemporary username HakenBrowning. In the interest of avoiding a conflict of interest, I try to write content here from a KR fan's viewpoint and GB content from a gamer's standpoint, but I'm wondering whether that distinction is good enough.

My plans for further edits on both wikis assume that I won't be barred from editing either, but in GB's spirit of avoiding regurgitated content, they will differ wildly in their nature - assuming no one on either side objects to me writing for both wikis, anyway. You'll likely see a lot more bios being filled out here, because GB's policy on multiple character iterations prohibits individual entries on each variation (frustrating indeed, with RG2 spanning 57 playable Kamen Riders when the dust settles, and the franchise at large being possessed of another fourth of that). Planned Giant Bomb content includes a couple Guides for character attacks and strategies, along with a grand list of unlockables when I can be arsed to uncork a new save file.

If any sort of objections exist, I'd like to hear 'em in the form of comments on this blog, and I'll amend my plans as deemed necessary.

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