• Yuuyatails

    Okay, I give you guys some tips here. If you want to adds the full-body pic of the rider on the character pages, makes sure that:

    • It is from either All Kamen Rider: Rider Generation games' websites or from the game magazine scan. (Note that someone may removes the pic because they find the overlay boxes very annoying)
    • It is from the websites of TV shows/Movies.
    • It is from official photobooks. (For example, Detail of Heroes photobooks)
    • It is not a pic of a toy. (S.H.Figuarts, RAH etc.)
    • Blank/transparent background is optional.

    That's it.

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  • Yuuyatails

    Okay, this is really bad...

    September 12, 2012 by Yuuyatails

    Today, I seen someone removes some texts from some pages. For what I know, is that some users (yes, the anonymous users) doing something on some pages that makes me worries, such as removing bio from the page (as it happened to a page for Kamen Rider Accel).

    Again, do not add the link to Kamen Rider wiki on the trivia section of the pages.

    Update: To the anonymous users here in Rider Generation Wiki, please don't adds or removes somethings from Bio or Trivia section of the page if you don't know about the shows where the characters comes from.

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  • Yuuyatails

    Please, read this

    September 7, 2012 by Yuuyatails

    The reason why I create this blog is because I need to let you guys (and also newcomers) know that there is something you shouldn't do when you are editing a page on this wiki.

    Do not ever add a link to the page from Kamen Rider Wiki to the External Links section. Right now, I am deleting those links in every page's external links section.

    So please remember this when you are editing a page.

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